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Perspectives on Myanmar pt2: digital evolution

As a developing country it is fascinating to see the enthusiasm from all parts of society to embrace the new digital age. Since the cost of a SIM card dropped from over $1000USD to around $1USD this country has leapt at the newly affordable ways to talk, share and learn as the new regime is […]

Perspectives on Myanmar pt1

After many years of isolation, the country that poets have described as being a land of “blood, gold and dreams” is emerging … fast. History, religion and culture run thick through the country and now there is a budding enthusiasm in the people for trade, enterprise and openness. There remain tensions in society although it […]

Myanmar – land of blood, dreams and gold

As a break from skiing, I’m heading for a photography project and thinking of warmer climes to improve the mood;  so I feel very fortunate to be getting to explore the fascinating country of Myanmar / Burma for the next few weeks. Taking a few notes from Richard Cockett’s excellent book on “The Changing face […]

A new course for Cuba

Great to see the developments in Cuba. With the US President (and of course the Rolling Stones) touching down in Havana for a historic re-start of engagement many businesses looking to the opportunity for life back in Cuba; not just the cigars and sugar plantations gearing up for a lot of investment … I’m sure […]

Brazilian memories

Reminiscing on time in Rio de Janeiro as the snow falls in London

Sahara shadows

Riding across the Erg Chebbi near Merzouga in the Sahara on the Morocco-Algerian border

Moroccan winter sun

Taking time for a long weekend in Morocco for sun and dunes…even some snow in the High Atlas. This snap from the much used film set Kasbah town of Ait Ben Haddou.

Mozzy madness

If there was a day to cover a range of experiences, my arrival in Mozambique did pretty well. The airport baggage staff had rifled my luggage (only taking my aftershave!) followed by a local giving me a free lift to town and a guided tour of Maputo (refusing money) and then a local official tried […]

London Vistas

A bit of reverie overlooking the river in London. Now for a bit of spring to add some colour.

Fresh London start to the year

There are some days that when you go outside you just can’t help smiling. Something about the first rays of sun, warmly touching your face after a long absence. Well, a walk through Trafalgar Square, around St James’s Park and past Buckingham Palace before a friendly cup in a coffee shop in Piccadilly is not […]

Wildlife and Travel photography

If you have not been to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National History Museum, it is well worth a visit. Slightly amusing to see that a previous winner had his award removed for an image of a rare wolf – only to have it uncovered as being a tame animal […]

Decorative plans

Some very interesting follow-up to my exhibition leading to a chain of hotels looking at using my / my grandfathers images to redecorate a couple of hotels. So – if you see somewhere with a “Mad Men” style decor .. it could be me 😉


Many thanks to the 300+ people who came to my exhibition. Some great feedback and very interesting leads for more work in future. From hotels to private houses and a few interior designers there are great ideas to test out and plenty more ideas for the next exhibition; watch this space.

Brazil – very much romance & reality

A few images from Brazil to show some of the contrasts – luxurious hotels, dramatic waterfalls and sitting behind the glamorous beaches, a huge expanse of favelas with people looking a better life.

Sergio Mendes returns

Well – a few weeks in Brazil certainly make me appreciate a country that lives football and dancing. Plus, if you try to go out on the town in Rio before 11pm they you are in for a lonely time ! A few photos to come soon, as I was fascinated by the dramatic contrast […]

Modern grit

Jazz guitar

Wrestling with the challenge of whether to fully complement the period artwork or to contradict it … some of the more moody images are working rather nicely

Blog ‘tastic

Well … getting preparing for my next exhibition in November 2010 (8 – 14th). Should be a fun mix of my photography and some artwork from my late grandfather, done in the 1950’s and 1960’s. More details to follow here and on my website: To be held in a gallery in Mayfair London : […]

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