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Gallery support for Save the Rhino

I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure over the years of seeing close-up both black and white rhino’s in their natural, wild habitat across Africa.These are wonderful creatures and a fascinating throwback to the age of dinosaurs; it is sad that they are being poached out of existence and are critically endangered. It has […]

A taste of the migration of the bewildered-beasts

Following the extraordinary scenery of the Ngorogoro Crater and proximity to the wildlife in Tarangire, we headed out to the Northern corridor of the Serengeti to (hope) to see one of the great natural wonders of the world … the annual migration of wildebeest. The plains of the Serengeti are a special place in their […]

Close to nature at Chem Chem on the shores of Lake Manyara

I’m getting around to sifting the first few pictures coming from a few weeks exploring Northern Tanzania; from Lake Manyara and the Ngorogoro Crater through the Serengeti and migration of the wildebeest to stay on the jungle island reserve of Rubondu Island. ( Manyara and Ngorogoro gallery ) Arriving to stay at Chem Chem safari lodge on […]

Kilimanjaro on a whim

Mid August and needing a break from the Big Smoke, a chance conversation with a friend looking for guinea pigs to test a route up Kilimanjaro for a growing travel company … well, why not ! Small team, less popular and more scenic route … all seemed a great idea. In spite of a number […]

Cradle of Mankind

Before heading back to Great Britain to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee there’s just enough time to explore the World Heritage Site of Cradle of Mankind and the cave system with all the fossils. Museums may be good at presenting old rocks and relics but seeing the in situ helps bring them to life (although in […]

Jo’burg winter evenings

Landing from a balmy English summer into a sunny African winter is not a bad move. It’s about 20c blue skies and it’s winter and the nightlife is still kicking ; Ibiza tunes and fire dancers on a Friday night in Jo’burg’s Sandton district.

Mozzy madness

If there was a day to cover a range of experiences, my arrival in Mozambique did pretty well. The airport baggage staff had rifled my luggage (only taking my aftershave!) followed by a local giving me a free lift to town and a guided tour of Maputo (refusing money) and then a local official tried […]

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