A taste of the migration of the bewildered-beasts

Following the extraordinary scenery of the Ngorogoro Crater and proximity to the wildlife in Tarangire, we headed out to the Northern corridor of the Serengeti to (hope) to see one of the great natural wonders of the world … the annual migration of wildebeest. The plains of the Serengeti are a special place in their own right, and as you get close to the Mara river and the Kenyan border the wildebeest start to gather in their hundreds of thousands to cross to the fertile grazing in the Maasai Mara. ( Serengeti gallery )

Flying in to Kogtende airstrip we could see the first few herds gathering below us and the drive from the airstrip to our tented camp too us through a number of herds. The challenge at this time of year is to see any other animals as this is very much the wildebeest show, crowding out anyone else like a giant flash-mob or a slow moving gang-mower hoovering up the vegetation. The zebras going with them are the smart ones ; who know the route … and let the wildebeest go first through the crocodile infested river waters. The scavengers and carrion hunters are almost lazy with the volume of fresh meat around them.

A very well catered for trip with guides who have almost a superhuman ability to spot animals when only specks on the horizon. We travelled with Scott Dunn and had the camps provided by one of the leading companies in the area, Nomad Tanzania.

 (Christopher Reeves)

Cool cats out for a walk

 (Christopher Reeves)

Rush hour in the Serengeti

 (Christopher Reeves)

 (Christopher Reeves)

Serengeti Safari Camp

 (Christopher Reeves)

Sunrise in the Serengeti


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