Mozzy madness

If there was a day to cover a range of experiences, my arrival in Mozambique did pretty well. The airport baggage staff had rifled my luggage (only taking my aftershave!) followed by a local giving me a free lift to town and a guided tour of Maputo (refusing money) and then a local official tried to get me to buy him some airtime for his mobile after ‘helping’ me with some directions!

It’s a bizarre place with many streets looking rather like some of the scenes from the film Inception – clean but dilapidated and crumbling – surrounded by colonial charm, flowering jacaranda and glorious sunshine.
I start the weekend wandering Maputo – getting caught up in a mass of weddings in one of the civic gardens – then off to to the wilds of Beira (a cleaned up and friendly bomb site) and finally ending up in the hills of Gorongosa and a glorious game park.

Well – a few days wandering with animals followed by a stint on a boat around the coast should be interesting.


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