Perspectives on Myanmar pt2: digital evolution

As a developing country it is fascinating to see the enthusiasm from all parts of society to embrace the new digital age. Since the cost of a SIM card dropped from over $1000USD to around $1USD this country has leapt at the newly affordable ways to talk, share and learn as the new regime is […]

Gallery support for Save the Rhino

I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure over the years of seeing close-up both black and white rhino’s in their natural, wild habitat across Africa.These are wonderful creatures and a fascinating throwback to the age of dinosaurs; it is sad that they are being poached out of existence and are critically endangered. It has […]

A new course for Cuba

Great to see the developments in Cuba. With the US President (and of course the Rolling Stones) touching down in Havana for a historic re-start of engagement many businesses looking to the opportunity for life back in Cuba; not just the cigars and sugar plantations gearing up for a lot of investment … I’m sure […]

Gliding in the Chilterns

Admiring the Chiltern Hills and villages from a glider ; practising a few turns along with a few local buzzards and red kites (helpful chaps for showing us around the thermals). Thanks to Jim and the guys at Booker Gliding Club for a great afternoon getting a new perspective on the landscape – as my […]

Relaxing Rubondo Island

As an alternative to the beaches of Zanzibar and bustle of the coast, we headed out to the jungle island reserve of Rubondo Island on the southern shores of Lake Victoria. The team at the Island Lodge doing a wonderful job of keeping us entertained – although seeing a family of vervet monkeys running off […]

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

A very Happy Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful New Year. Here’s to fun travels, good friends, great memories, health and happiness … I look forward to all of the above

Meandering London food markets

Preparing for a few rounds of Christmas dinners and parties with fun in the many London food markets, here a few from the hugely popular Borough Market by London Bridge – also not short of a number of places to get some great samples of all the foods and drinks on sale – from pies […]

Berlin, not sauerkraut by any means


Autumn in Berlin, a time in a great fun city when the chill of winter brings in the ghosts of the Cold War and walking the paths of the Tiergarten to Brandenburg Gate inspires images of George Smiley , lurking behind trees, surreptitious chats on benches and furtive glances to passers by. The bars, clubs […]

Ghostly mixes

A couple of fun weeks with the emerging talent of Gallows Ghost. First at the fun filled festival frenzy at Bestival on the Isle of Wight, headlining the Bandstand on the Saturday. Last night the band had a stripped back acoustic gig over at the infamous Metropolis recording studio in London – part of the […]

Colours in an English garden

grape hyacinth

As the cherry blossoms fade, the baby grape hyacinth’s take up the charge for colour in the gardens  

Exhibition week

A couple of days into my exhibition in London’s Mayfair and it has been great to both see so many people and get such great feedback. I find it fascinating to hear which images people like and which are their favourites … and often quite unexpected for me.A fun selection of just over 40 images […]

8 women in a boat … rowing the Atlantic


A visit to Rossiter Yachts to see the new ocean rowing boat for a record breaking attempt to row the Atlantic in under 30 days, leaving at the start of 2014 from Gran Canaria to Barbados. (Their Facebook page is : Atlantic 8 and the boat is not yet named … looking for a sponsor […]

Last views of the great glass house at Kew … for a while

Ahead of it’s grand refurbishment, scheduled for a couple of years, a visit to enjoy the great Temperate House greenhouse in the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and excuse to revisit the glorious giant water lilies in the Lily House

Christmas reflections

Reflecting back … looking forward to 2013 ! Christmas decorations

Best wishes to NYC

Fond memories of such a vibrant city. All the best to everyone there recovering from Hurricane Sandy This bagel seller on a Midtown corner of 5th

Summer fun – Mint fresh

Mint Polo

Always a laugh to watch some arena style polo in one of the central London grounds (The Hurlingham Club). Not classic polo or high goal stuff, but fun in the sun with friends. Here’s to more summer silliness …

Jubilee celebrations

Jubilee pageant

In spite of the weather, London showed it’s great patriotism and colour with a wonderful river tribute for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Jo’burg winter evenings

Landing from a balmy English summer into a sunny African winter is not a bad move. It’s about 20c blue skies and it’s winter and the nightlife is still kicking ; Ibiza tunes and fire dancers on a Friday night in Jo’burg’s Sandton district.

Festive London

After a fun year travelling, having the Christmas festive season in London is a joy. With fresh morning views like this over the Thames to the London Eye and a colourful sunrise it does feel like the economic doldrums can be nudged aside for a few days peace and joy with family and friends. (Fresh […]

Summer Shard watch

A splash of English summer sun to brighten the view from my office window.

The sap is rising …

A glorious morning to be wandering through the bluebell woods of Wiltshire; soft morning sun through a slight haze with almost luminous green shoots from the beech trees glowing above a bed of young bluebells. Still – not quite there yet as I look to get another / better shot to compliment my popular purple […]


The City from Richmond Park

London’s newest landmark, The Shard of Glass is gradually taking shape and whilst wandering in Richmond Park it is clear to see whn looking out over The City quite how massive this is going to be. At over 1,000ft tall that is most of a St Paul’s Cathedral (365ft) above the current tallest Canary Wharf […]

London Vistas

A bit of reverie overlooking the river in London. Now for a bit of spring to add some colour.

Fresh London start to the year

There are some days that when you go outside you just can’t help smiling. Something about the first rays of sun, warmly touching your face after a long absence. Well, a walk through Trafalgar Square, around St James’s Park and past Buckingham Palace before a friendly cup in a coffee shop in Piccadilly is not […]

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