Berlin, not sauerkraut by any means

Autumn in Berlin, a time in a great fun city when the chill of winter brings in the ghosts of the Cold War and walking the paths of the Tiergarten to Brandenburg Gate inspires images of George Smiley , lurking behind trees, surreptitious chats on benches and furtive glances to passers by. The bars, clubs and restaurants soon challenge that with a great warmth and reception over a stein (or two) of weissbier.

However, it was fascinating to go beyond the tourist fascade of Checkpoint Charlie or obvious locations to see how the dramatic refresh of East Berlin is happening at pace. The up-and-coming district of Prenzlauerberg has a real cafe society feel in parts and as an area built for a much larger population it means that the streets are remarkably peaceful. Well worth exploring – and then to see behind the scenes.


Berlin Tiergarten


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