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Gallery support for Save the Rhino

I feel fortunate to have had the pleasure over the years of seeing close-up both black and white rhino’s in their natural, wild habitat across Africa.These are wonderful creatures and a fascinating throwback to the age of dinosaurs; it is sad that they are being poached out of existence and are critically endangered. It has […]

Gallery Different exhibition plans

Final preparations underway with the team at Bayeux to finalise, print and mount my images for exhibition at Gallery Different. Great fun in choosing the final selection of images from the last few year travels … should look good, the space has such potential. Some wonderful large aluminium frameless images to add to the drama […]

Photography exhibition, London, 7-12 November 2016

2016 Exhibition

My next opportunity to display a range of recent images and some old favourites in a new (and rather fabulous) gallery space just off Tottenham Court Road and Charlotte Street. Gallery Different is known for for promoting and encouraging some great artists and this is a great opportunity to be part of this large, open […]

Exhibition images now available online

Images from my latest exhibition are now available online here, you can buy either standard prints or order a signed one of 20 special edition print that I will process specifically for you as used in my private show. I can also arrange custom sizes and the very popular aluminium mounting that was used for […]

Exhibition week

A couple of days into my exhibition in London’s Mayfair and it has been great to both see so many people and get such great feedback. I find it fascinating to hear which images people like and which are their favourites … and often quite unexpected for me.A fun selection of just over 40 images […]


Many thanks to the 300+ people who came to my exhibition. Some great feedback and very interesting leads for more work in future. From hotels to private houses and a few interior designers there are great ideas to test out and plenty more ideas for the next exhibition; watch this space.

Exhibition update

Nearly at the end of a great fun week on show in London and some great feedback on both my photos and grandfathers images. I think we have had about 300 people through so far. Universal agreement that his drawings are “of the moment” and “very Mad Men” in style. I am sure we shall […]

Up and running

The Gallery was finally set-up and running late on Sunday afternoon – great to see the full spread of images that I have had filling my living room finally all on show together. Of course a well deserved bite to eat at Boudin Blanc afterwards to relax the soul ; damn fine food and a […]


New York street

Exhibition images coming together with the first few canvas prints of Sten’s artwork looking very good. Now for the fun part of getting the people and social stuff together ! (more details to follow) Currently planning with Clare Schooling for a show of her jewellery during the week.

Horror story

Realising that my next event called “Romance & Reality” is also the title of the biography for Mary Shelley makes me wonder … am I Frankenstein or the monster ? Travel, girls, drama, screaming, a desire to be creative  … I just hope not to finish the show being sent to the North Pole !

Exhibition update

Well – it’s interesting to try and mix up a range of romantic era paintings with some modern photos. What I think it has to be is a blend of images from equivalent romantic settings from around the globe with others from a more gritty side of reality. I would like to show how in […]

Blog ‘tastic

Well … getting preparing for my next exhibition in November 2010 (8 – 14th). Should be a fun mix of my photography and some artwork from my late grandfather, done in the 1950’s and 1960’s. More details to follow here and on my website: To be held in a gallery in Mayfair London : […]

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