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Farewell Olympics – welcome Paralympics

Tower Bridge – soon to change from the 5 Olympic to the 3 ParaOlympic rings. A great summer landmark for London


The City from Richmond Park

London’s newest landmark, The Shard of Glass is gradually taking shape and whilst wandering in Richmond Park it is clear to see whn looking out over The City quite how massive this is going to be. At over 1,000ft tall that is most of a St Paul’s Cathedral (365ft) above the current tallest Canary Wharf […]

Wildlife and Travel photography

If you have not been to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National History Museum, it is well worth a visit. Slightly amusing to see that a previous winner had his award removed for an image of a rare wolf – only to have it uncovered as being a tame animal […]

Exhibition update

Nearly at the end of a great fun week on show in London and some great feedback on both my photos and grandfathers images. I think we have had about 300 people through so far. Universal agreement that his drawings are “of the moment” and “very Mad Men” in style. I am sure we shall […]

Petrol heads unite for classic car display

A heady mix of petrol fumes and elegant surroundings, turning an area normally known for the setting of the Chelsea Flower Show into a petrol-heads delight. The Chelsea AutoLegends event on 5 Sept was a great showing of classic Le Mans winners with modern greats (and a few City show-offs with their latest wheels) Stirling […]


New York street

Exhibition images coming together with the first few canvas prints of Sten’s artwork looking very good. Now for the fun part of getting the people and social stuff together ! (more details to follow) Currently planning with Clare Schooling for a show of her jewellery during the week.

Exhibition update

Well – it’s interesting to try and mix up a range of romantic era paintings with some modern photos. What I think it has to be is a blend of images from equivalent romantic settings from around the globe with others from a more gritty side of reality. I would like to show how in […]

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