Wildlife and Travel photography

If you have not been to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National History Museum, it is well worth a visit. Slightly amusing to see that a previous winner had his award removed for an image of a rare wolf – only to have it uncovered as being a tame animal from the zoo that he had borrowed for the photo-shoot (hardly wild-life). This year’s winner of ants might be harder to challenge !

Also, big congrats to my friend Quintin Lake for his award at Travel Photographer of the Year for his stunning photos from Greenland : LINK 
I remember hearing the post-expedition report and presentation – it was pretty hair-raising at times and took a lot of emotional energy out of the team , as well as it being damn cold. A lesson on bravado vs caution (you will need to read the¬†report on Quintin’s blog to understand)


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