Sergio Mendes returns

Well – a few weeks in Brazil certainly make me appreciate a country that lives football and dancing. Plus, if you try to go out on the town in Rio before 11pm they you are in for a lonely time !

A few photos to come soon, as I was fascinated by the dramatic contrast between the middle-class, urban chic of Ipanema with the twinlkling lights from one of the largest favelas just behind on the hills. But the dance halls of the district of Lapa and the bars of Leblon are all kicking in to the wee hours and when you are getting side-tracked in conversation with some charming lass at 5am it is hard not to be drawn in.

A short trip to the resort town of Bouzios (made famous by Brigitte Bardot) shows how many Carioca (people from Rio) get out of the towns to chill on the more sedate beaches.

Great place, great fun – will be back in a few months and can’t wait for World Cup and Olympics to show the world how to party Brazilian style. Samba and bossa-nova beats are so much better than vuvuselas !


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