Perspectives on Myanmar pt2: digital evolution

As a developing country it is fascinating to see the enthusiasm from all parts of society to embrace the new digital age. Since the cost of a SIM card dropped from over $1000USD to around $1USD this country has leapt at the newly affordable ways to talk, share and learn as the new regime is just finding it’s feet and seeking a new identity after a long period of controlled military rule.

Myanmar selfie

New age of technology

Access anywhere ...

Modern times

Digital disruption across all Burmese society

Infrastructure and energy may still be a bit of a challenge, although in some areas it has been great to see the potential to leapfrog others. The E-bikes in Bagan are a great way to explore the temples and without adding noise to the otherwise peace across the 26 square miles of plain with over 3000 temples and stupas.

energy challenges

E-bikes in Bagan

E-Bikes in Bagan have supplanted any petrol bikes …and a lot quieter way to enjoy the sights

Entrepreneurs are appearing everywhere looking to take advantage …and when the banking system starts to reform the potential to use this newly ‘upgraded’ network is not hard to see the opportunity.Social media entrepreneurs

It’s also hard to avoid seeing how the influence of global culture and media is reaching far into the countryside. Tourism will undoubtably play a strong role and as a way to both protect some parts of the economy as well as to provide viable work away from the legacy drugs trade in some parts of the country, can but help. The Millennials here will undoubtably have a faster development curve than in some other countries, there is such a rich culture within Myanmar with strong family and social connections ( and generally feels a hugely friendly society ) that it will be fascinating to see how this new generation adopts and adapts to the new world.

Dreams of the big city

Dreams …what lies beyond

…time to take a selfie to record the occasion for posterity !

Selfie challenge

Cheap telecoms bring the selfie generation to all of Myanmar


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