A new course for Cuba

Great to see the developments in Cuba. With the US President (and of course the Rolling Stones) touching down in Havana for a historic re-start of engagement many businesses looking to the opportunity for life back in Cuba; not just the cigars and sugar plantations gearing up for a lot of investment … I’m sure the classic car industry will have a field day !

Fond memories of great friendly people, an entrepreneurial spirit and real potential. Well worth getting out of Havana and exploring the countryside. Next to see what will happen to Guantanamo !

Classic cars in the streets of Trinidad, Cuba (Christopher Reeves)

Teacher in old Trinidad town, Cuba (CHS Reeves +44(0)7887 608059)

Classic cars on the Malecon, Havana (Christopher Reeves)

Mural to Che Guavara in Havana, Cuba (CHS Reeves +44(0)7887 608059)


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