Royal Academy Summer Exhibition “City of Dreams”

Very pleased to have been selected to feature at the 2015 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. A classic art exhibition in the heart of London in it’s 238th year and only recently allowing photography.

I have to admit that whilst I have found many great ideas and inspirations from the RA over the years, I have tended to look at some of the images and think … “I could do better”. So, rather than just leave it at that, I thought I should better test myself to see if I could do better. For the last 4 years I have submitted a range of images from Hockney-esque abstracts, dramatic black and white and colourful scenery. This year, my “City of Dreams” image seems to have captured something in the imagination of the judges and I survived the many rounds of judging to whittle the submissions down from 10’s of thousands to just over 1,000.

The title is one that I hope evokes a range of ideas for people as they look at the city-scape emerging from the evening haze. When I describe this as being an evening shot of West Hollywood in California, a city notorious for people with big dreams, I think that there is another perspective you can take on it.

Many thanks to the team at Bayeux for the help with printing and mounting , this is a 40″x 30″ metallic print mounted on aluminium sheet and they have the process down to a tee. Thanks Terry.

View from Griffith Observatory over Hollywood and Los Angeles with sea mist from Santa Monica (Christopher Reeves)

City of Dreams

For the photographers our there who will be curious as to the details … Canon EOS40D, Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8 L series, ISO 200, 1/1250 at f8.0. Other than basic processing, no image manipulation at all here (not even a random aeroplane to airbrush !)


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