Welcome to the jungle

Well, five days up in the Amazon is a pretty short time to get to grips with such a huge space …but worth a taste.

South of Manaus is Juma lake. From Manaus it takes over 30 mins to cross the Amazon and mid way you see the meeting of the two , black and brown rivers and because of Ph, speed and temperature they don’t mix for 6pm. Then it’s an hour in a bus before getting to another speed-boat for 45 mins – a lot of which is dodging trees.

Staying with a great family I get to see the pods of dolphins (pink and grey), scores of cayman and explore the igapu – sunken forest canopy. Fascinating times testing tribal medicine trees, bugs, piranha fishing and meeting the people who live amongst it all.

Funnily enough there’s no mobile signal but it’s refreshing to drop off the grid for a few days and swim in the Amazon every day.

 (Christopher Reeves)


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